About the Department

Department head’s statement 

The Department of "Educational Leadership and Policies" plays a vital role in fostering quality and sustainable development in teaching, scientific research, and community service. It provides flexible and structured support to the college's initiatives towards community reform, enhancing cognitive competence and performance efficiency in educational leadership and policies. This ultimately leads to professional growth and academic excellence.

Aligned with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the department is dedicated to integrating planned and balanced interaction with educational professionals and leaders, contributing to the advancement of the educational field. By nurturing a professional culture and adhering to best practices, it aims to educate and empower the professional community in relevant academic and scientific domains. Additionally, the department is proactive in initiating qualitative measures such as training, partnership-building legislation, and reviewing systems and constitutions. 

One of the main goals of the department is to enhance students' comprehension of various challenges such as economic, political, cultural, environmental, and informational issues, and how they intersect with education. This is aimed at fostering positive trends and fostering a more comprehensive understanding of educational philosophy. Students are empowered to analyze educational matters and propose effective strategies for handling and addressing them. The department also aims to cultivate adaptive leadership figures who are well-versed in educational policies. By recognizing the significant roles played by leaders and policymakers in the field of education, the department works towards promoting professionalization in educational leadership and policy-making. Furthermore, it emphasizes the need for diverse growth among individuals engaged in education, with a focus on integrating school activities within the broader societal context.

 In addition to the department’s endeavor to prepare those involved in the educational process for a more accurate, deeper, more flexible, and procedural understanding of the relationship that exists between the educational institution and the rest of society’s institutions, in a way that supports the integration of items and efforts to achieve acceptance, understanding, and solution to society’s problems, and enriches the educational achievement. And supports it, according to the vision of the university and college

The department is preparing to unveil its upcoming programs for postgraduate studies and specialized educational diplomas. These programs are designed to offer opportunities for skilled and dedicated educators to further their education in specialized areas such as educational leadership and educational policies. The goal is to cultivate a new generation of researchers, experts, and advocates in leadership and educational policies, fostering a practical culture tailored to the needs of those in the field. In light of realistic experience with the problems of the relevant educational field, led to the development of a research map based on a field study prepared by the department.

Dr. Hilal bin Mizal Al-Anazi
Head of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy

Vision and Mission


Excellence, leadership, and educational policies.

The Mission :

Preparing human resources in leadership and educational policies that contribute to community service, in accordance with quality standards and high responsibility.


  • Qualifying human cadres in leadership and educational policies.
  • Conducting educational research in relevant scientific fields.
  •  Implementing training programs in light of the department’s specializations and interests.
  • Providing services and consultations to community institutions.
  •  Contributing to meeting the diverse needs of society.