Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs

The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs:

Praise be to Allah, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad, and upon his family and companions

The Vice Deanship of the Faculty of Education and Arts for Academic Affairs is pleased to welcome you, under the umbrella of the Northern Border University (From The North to The Nation ), which, with the help of Allah and the support of the wise leadership, has become a beacon for science and knowledge. We try to participate in the development of science and in the development of society and institutions to give back to our country.

The Vice Deanship derives its goals from the University’s Vision and Mission. We try to create an attractive educational environment; To achieve the highest standards of academic quality in light of the plans and programs offered by the scientific departments. It also seeks to achieve the goals and policies of the Faculty of Education and Arts in Scientific Leadership and Cognitive Excellence and to provide educational programs that meet the needs of students and the labor market’s needs in line with Vision 2030 by graduating qualified cadres scientifically and skillfully.

The Vice Deanship undertakes several tasks, most notably:

  • It supervises the educational process in the Faculty, follows up on the implementation of its policies through the academic programs offered, and ensures the application of The Regulations and Executive Rules of the University in the field of student affairs.
  • It supervises students’ academic affairs, follows up on them directly regarding matters such as withdrawal, postponement, transfer, and registration, and finds solutions according to the regulations.
  •  It supervises examinations and examinations committees in coordination with the departments in the Faculty.
  • It provides guidance services and follows up on students’ academic progress; To ensure the benefit of the academic programs offered.
  • It coordinates efforts between departments, spreading the spirit of cooperation, and strives to develop the academic department system in line with the Faculty’s Vision and Mission.
  • It distributes tasks among the Vice Deanship’s units and general supervision of their work in all related fields.
  • It coordinates with the departments and their affiliated units to achieve the strategic objectives of the Faculty, University and community service, to reach the desired level of quality, excellence,e and community service.

We hope Allah will bless our efforts, achieve our aspirations, and preserve our country.


College Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

 Dr. Mashawah bin Farhan Al-Anzi


Academic Affairs Support Unit

Introducing the unit

The unit is concerned with everything related to academic affairs in the Faculty through coordination between all units of the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs inside and outside the Faculty


  • It coordinates study plans with scientific departments.
  • It cooperates with departments regarding programs’ improvements.
  • It reviews and evaluates the recommendations, suggestions, and requests submitted by the various units and committees of the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs.
  • It cooperates with academic affairs units and develops their work mechanism.
  • It suggests work needs in academic affairs, including staff, equipment, etc.
  • It executes the tasks delegated by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • It periodically submits reports to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs on the progress of tasks and difficulties in the affiliated units.​